From 0 to 100… and 1

We just wrapped up the first Programming 101, our new weekend bootcamp! Bitmaker CTO Mina Mikhail (@fightingtheboss) offered up his coding knowledge to curious beginners in two immersive days. From HTML and CSS to JavaScript and Ruby, attendees got a hands-on tour of web technology.

Front-end? Back-end?

Kicking off with a not-so-digital look at code, Day 1 focused on HTML & CSS

Over the weekend, we set out to learn programming essentials by re-creating a responsive “todo” web app. On Saturday, we tackled front-end coding with HTML and CSS. First laying out the bones of the page with HTML, we moved on to styling with CSS in the afternoon.

Sunday centred on programming languages. JavaScript is largely responsible for the interactivity found on modern websites. Front-End Development Instructor Betty Li showed students how the power of variables to change pages on-the-fly using JavaScript.

After JavaScript basics, we moved on to Ruby. We love introducing students to Ruby because of its accessible syntax. We wrapped up the project with a tour of databases and Sinatra before publishing it to the World Wide Web!

More than just a class

With such a jammed-pack weekend, it can be hard to find time to get a bite to eat. We’ve got our Programming 101 students covered! Settling in with muffins and coffee in the morning followed by some solid brain food at lunchtime, we’re not just feeding your curiosity.

Our team of assistants was available on the sidelines to straighten out issues during instruction. Whether tripped up on an exercise or curious to learn more at the end of the lesson, the crew was ready to help.

Programming 101

Join us for an immersive weekend to learn what coding is all about. Learn the basics and get special Bitmaker discounts.

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Practice, Sleep, Repeat

All weekend, Mina emphasized the need for practice, practice, practice. Coding is like a muscle. You have to exercise it to maintain and strengthen it.

Just ask Abby Greenbloom (@Agreenbloom), a Bitmaker full-time Web Development alumna who assisted our lead instructors on the weekend.

“When I finished at Bitmaker, I was really comfortable with Rails, but JavaScript was really tough,” she said, “I took advantage of my poli-sci background to dive into data with D3 everyday for a month until I was comfortable enough to give a talk on the topic.”

Once again, we’d like to extend a big thanks to everyone who attended! Also, thank you Mina, Betty, Michael, and Abby for dedicating their weekend to helping our students.