New tech hires: alumni update!

Time for another alumni update round-up! As always, we're thrilled hear from past students when they’ve moved on to bright new opportunities.

Here's just a quick sampling of the good news from our last two Web Development cohorts – Team Gort and Team Hopper – as well as our first full-time UX & Product Design cohort, Team Clippy!

Adrien Couture

Adrien didn’t plan to become a full-time developer when he took the course. Beginning his career as a product designer, he developed footwear for 5 years. When his philosophy changed, he turned to the digital.

“I wanted to make a transition into the tech industry to readily create meaningful and impactful products. I was able to make that transition in a much shorter timeline than taking other paths.”

Product Manager at Achievers

Full-Stack Developer at Miniwar

Guin Kellam

Guin worked at the LGBTQ Oral History and Digital Archives Collaboratory and attended U of T for Humanities before Bitmaker. Now that she’s finished up the Web Dev bootcamp, she’s the sole developer for

“I was hired just in time to be a major contributor to the site’s complete overhaul. My time at Bitmaker was intense and transformational, which laid the groundwork for the success I’m having today.”

Patrick Cruikshank

After deciding to leave the mining industry, Patrick was looking to future-proof his career and take a path that would involve continual skill development.

“At my current job, the days fly by. I feel more proficient at the end of each day as a developer. I get a ton of satisfaction out of seeing something I made get put to use.”

Junior Developer at ThoughtWire

Front-end Developer at Telus digital

Ariane Deschenes Foucher

“I picked the best bootcamp in town and I’m so proud to be part of the Bitmaker family.”

Ariane recently signed onto TELUS digital’s team as a front-end developer! Prior to the course, she graduated law school and worked as a flight attendant.

Mike Bowman

Mike loves web development because it lets him exercise the creative, problem-solving part of his brain in a hands-on way. He earned a Philosophy degree before Bitmaker and was working at a coffee shop. Now, Mike’s a Data Engineer and Developer at Zoocasa.

“A year ago, I’d never in a million years have thought I’d be a programmer – and I’m super pumped with the career change!”

Data Engineer and Developer at Zoocasa

UX Strategist, Enterprise at Nonlinear Creations

Jenna Treftlin

"My passions are problem identification, developing human-centred solutions, and innovation. Shifting to a design field has allowed me to pursue these from a new angle.”

Jenna's former professional role was Urban Partnership Coordinator of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres. Since completing Bitmaker's first UX & Product Design cohort, she's now a UX strategist for Nonlinear Creations!

Congratulations to all our alumni who've made the leap into development and design! Keep in touch!