Practice. Practice. Practice! Shortening the learning curve

Our current Web Development cohort (#TeamJohnny5!) is stepping into its 5th week! As the class is really finding its footing with Ruby on Rails, we took a few minutes to catch up with student Rui Dong.

Rui worked as an actuaries analyst in the insurance sector before jumping into development at Bitmaker. While identifying as a technically minded person, he felt his prior career path lacked room for creativity. "There’s a joke in that industry," he smiled, "that actuaries are people who find accounting too exciting for them!"

Every step of your day’s work as an actuary is heavily prescribed. You're typically in a corporate environment, so your role is very specified. "That amount of structure can definitely be enjoyable to work within. The freedom you have when problem solving with code, however, has been a compelling shift for me."

Last week the class worked in groups to create an app inspired by OpenTable, an online restaurant reservations service. The responsive web app allows diners to locate a place to eat based on location, price, and other specifications. Juggling all of these variables involved in booking a reservation can get tricky to develop, but how you create your results for the "SeatYourself" assignment is largely up to you.

Grasping onto Ruby’s logic has happened quickly for Rui. He’s been continually challenged, but the course’s strong emphasis on practice has shortened his learning curve. His fascination with how code functions in the wild has taken off as his comprehension of coding language improves.

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"I have a new appreciation of how things on the Web are executed, and it’s a similar feeling to how my appreciation changed when I learned to perform magic in high school. Before learning how to do close-up tricks myself, I was amazed by them in a way that was informed by not knowing how they were possible. When you know how it’s done and can do it yourself, fascination is accompanied by gratification."

Now when Rui looks at a website, he uses the Inspect Element browser feature to scope out how things were crafted. "Having this new perspective on code and the tech industry has been really cool."

"I’m no longer limited to high-level, 'layman’s' explanations for understanding how [a website] functions – I can look at the code and figure out the motivations behind the design myself."

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