Meet the New Web Development

We're excited to share news about the biggest changes we've ever made to our Web Development immersive course and our first major new curriculum collaboration with General Assembly!

Starting with the May 8th session of Web Development, the course will run full-time for 12 weeks and feature a new blended learning model:

  • Career Launchpad (10 Weeks)
    Daily morning lessons with assignment work and afternoon mentor support
  • Self-Guided Project Weeks (2 Weeks)
    Optional self-guided lessons alongside final project with mentor support
  • Continuous Learning Support (Post-program)
    Access to growing self-guided lesson library with alumni office hour support

This new structure allows students to focus their education on what excites them most – whether its front-end, back-end, or a blend of skills.

Blending Structured and Self-Guided Learning

Since 2012, our immersive courses have provided a supportive environment with professional-led daily lessons and mentor-supported hands-on work time. In the new Web Development, we're deepening our fundamental content to help students build a launchpad for their careers and continuing learning goals.

For the first 10 weeks, students will learn with daily lessons and have time to apply skills through assignments and projects. During the last 2 weeks, with the continued support of mentors, students will embark on self-guided learning to reach their personal goals while completing a showcase project.

Students and alumni will have access to an ever-growing library of content featuring topics like Computer Science fundamentals and intermediate Rails and JavaScript concepts. The library will feature paths, or playlists, through lessons and assignments to learn additional skills.

Enhanced Launchpad

In the first 10 weeks, we're adding more content depth to our existing program and additional, in-demand topics to help students build a better launchpad for their web development careers. The new course features:

Deeper Fundamentals
With more time, we're spending the first 3 weeks to build a solid foundation in front-end development, programming basics, and object-oriented programming. This upfront time will help students dive deeper into more advanced topics with greater comfort.

More Testing
While we've always had testing as part of our course and projects, we're increasing the emphasis on Test Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development. These skills are in great demand with prospective employers and are now further integrated through more assignments and lessons.

In addition to learning JavaScript fundamentals, AJAX, and jQuery students will now spend a week learning how to create client-side experiences using React. This powerful library created and used by Facebook and Instagram allows developers to build highly-interactive user interfaces for both web and
native apps.

Self-Guided Project Weeks

Bitmaker grads have been building amazing showcase projects since the first cohort, but now we're increasing the amount of time and focus on these passion projects. During the last two weeks of daily mentor support, students will get to pick which lessons they want to absorb.

Planning to do a client-side application pulling from by your custom API? You can access additional lessons on more advanced React topics. Building a Rails app that uses geolocation or needs to send automated emails? You can find lessons on these and other topics in the library!

Continuous Learning Support

With continuing contributions from both General Assembly and Bitmaker, this library will continue to growth with more paths and topics to explore. Alumni will have access to new content and can continue to get mentor support through our alumni office hours program.

Developers always need to keep learning in order to maintain the relevancy of their skills. With these changes, it's our goal to support Bitmaker's present and future alumni with the best content and mentor support.

We're currently taking enrolments for Web Development's March cohort and will soon open enrolments for May.