Next week: Mohammad on his first day as a UX designer

Jumping into a new career path can be an intimidating leap, so why not take the opportunity to learn the ups and downs from someone who’s been in the same spot? Join us on Tuesday (March 14th) for the first in a series of alumni talks, featuring Mohammad Owainati, a UX Designer at Canada Post, who got started in our UX & Product Design course.

‘My First Day as a UX Designer’

Over the course of the evening, Mohammad will take us back to the day he set out to make a change in his professional life. He’ll then guide us through his experiences at Bitmaker and professional development at Canada Post.

Back in March of 2016, Mohammad was just beginning to plan how he could shift his career from marketing towards UX Design. Seven years into his career at this point, he knew that a move like this would require some serious dedication – as well as a solid support system. After a tour of the campus, a few meet-and-greets, and a free weekend workshop, he finally decided he was ready to commit and signed on for the full-time UX program.

“Not only did I kick start my new career, but I also developed new friendships and got introduced to a great community of like-minded individuals. People who go out of their way to help each other.”

We will leave the rest of the story for Mohammad to tell, but are proud to see him successfully start down his new career path. Don’t forget to grab your ticket!