Alumni insights: From finance to UX

Last April, after several years of successful web development cohorts, we launched our first UX Design immersive course, excited to see what students could do with these skills. Now, just one year later we’ve seen many incredible outcomes, including those from that first group of students starting to make their mark around Toronto.

We spoke with one such alumni, Franz Ombico, about how he ended up at Bitmaker and what he is up to now.

Q: What led you to Bitmaker?

Franz: After a number of years working in the finance and accounting world, I started to feel the need to branch out and explore a new industry. Living in Toronto, I had seen Bitmaker advertised around the city and decided to check out a workshop to see what it was all about. This is where I first learned about the field of UX Design.

I loved the idea of building products for people. The tech field is a huge industry and the need for products are so varied. This creates a space where each project can be so radically different from the last. I came from a career where everything is very cut and dry. There is really only one way to do a balance sheet – it either balances or it doesn’t. UX Design, on the other hand, provides new problems to solve on a daily basis.

Q: What were some of the most important lessons you learned while at Bitmaker?

Franz: Beyond the obvious lessons, like learning to use some of the common UX tools, I think my biggest takeaway was discovering “how to learn.” The UX field offers a variety of different paths to explore, leaving a lot of room to continually expand your knowledge over time. If you are willing to keep learning new skills after finishing the course, you will find opportunities in places you didn’t expect.

I’ve always had an interest in the development side of the design world, so I’ve slowly been working on improving my coding skills. Doing this allowed me to start building entire Shopify sites for clients, which in turn, landed me a job with Now Creative Group here in Toronto.

Q: What would you tell people to expect from a career in UX Design?

Franz: If you are the type of person who loves to solve problems and think outside of the box then there is a place for you in the UX field. Everyday you get to meet people where they are at and use these interactions to craft a solution tailored to their exact needs. It’s such a unique blending of human interaction and technology that constantly challenges you in new and interesting ways.

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