Instructor 1-on-1: Jeremy on Facebook Marketing

When our Facebook Marketing course launches next month, students are going to learn under the mentorship of an amazing new instructor. Jeremy Cain will bring his wealth of experience working with Facebook Canada’s eCommerce team to students. He specialized in advising companies on how to effectively use and measure their results on the Facebook marketing platform.

We’re excited to share some of his insights with you here!

[Q] How did you build a career in digital marketing?

[Jeremy] It wasn’t a career I initially set out on, but once I found it, things clicked. There are so many directions you can head down in the tech sector. My path began in sales after teacher’s college. I’ve been involved with the digital marketing industry for around 8 years, beginning at Since then I’ve worked with eBay and Facebook.

What makes this new course valuable for marketing professionals?

It’s a deep dive into Facebook’s marketing platform, ideal for those looking to better understand their company’s ad process or are looking to start promoting something new on their own.

The biggest trend in marketing in the digital space is to “follow where the users are.” Given the sustained popularity of Facebook in North America, there’s an imperative to harness that audience effectively, especially as more time is spent on smartphones or mobile devices. Whether you want to specialize in the Facebook Ads platform or are wanting to add to your holistic marketing strategy, leveraging the power of understanding Facebook engagement can make a difference in your understanding of effective audience targeting and your goals.

How did you approach structuring the course?

The course is divided into 4 units, starting with an introduction and refresher to the tools at your disposal, including those from your brand’s page to Facebook-specific functions. The learning is framed by the Facebook Ads platform and how to best optimize campaigns in this environment, but we’ll also explore the high-level ways to measure an ad’s success and effectively reach your brand marketing goals.

Each session is a combination of lecture and workshop: in lecture we’ll go over the best practices for building an effective marketing campaign then break out into the hands-on practice. All marketing exercises utilize real money for real companies, which allows for progressive campaign optimization from week to week. By the end, you’ll be ready to take on the Facebook Advertising Core Competencies practice exam from Facebook’s Blueprint training program along with the class.

Facebook Marketing

6-week part-time course begins June 20th

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What advice would you give someone who’s considering focusing on a marketing career?

When you’re just starting out, you need to know what the possibilities are. The main players of digital marketing industry can be broken down into three main buckets, so it’s helpful to hone in on what angle you best connect with. You could rep a publisher, work for an agency, or an in-house marketing team.

In terms of what environment to focus on, mobile is the forefront for engagement. It’s rapidly become a primary method for taking in media, so there’s larger investment in finding new ways to engage. Regardless, whatever draws you, get close to the technology – especially Facebook, Google, and other programmatic platforms. Understand at least from a high level how they function. Learn about how marketers use data and measurement.