Following up with David – from whirlwind internship to full time in Tokyo

Earlier this year, we covered the whirlwind Tokyo internship experience of Web Development alumnus David Rhie (for context, you can check that out here. This ended in a bit of a cliff-hanger – would he accept the role at Technomobile? Would his Visa application for working in Japan be accepted?

The short answer is: yes, and yes! We caught up with David for a quick check in, about a month into his new role as a Ruby on Rails software developer.

Q: It all worked out! Congratulations. How have you been faring while settling in?

David: It’s been good – and overwhelming! Sensory overload! Getting used to cultural and climate differences, communicating in Japanese has used a lot of my brain power as it is, let alone the coding itself.

My work is focused on two of Technomobile’s Rails projects – one is the test management software that I started working on during my weekend internship, and the other is a lifestyle publication similar to Cosmopolitan.

At times I’m sitting in meetings where they’re talking about moving forward with certain elements of software development and I think, Wait, how the heck did all this happen? The “pinch-me” moments continue.

How has workplace mentorship functioned for you?

D: Mentorship is not as active as I thought it would be. I thought someone would be taking me under their wing, but that being said, everyone on the team is available to share knowledge. One thing that’s surprised me is that it’s not entirely a one-way direction of me needing mentorship - I’ve shared some tricks up my sleeve, too!

I appreciate that I can turn to the person next to me and they will generally be available to help out. I’ll go to someone who’s responsible for a specific facet of the project to gather insights.

What are some challenges that you’ve been working through? What have been the wins?

Learning a lot of new technologies has been both a win and a major challenge. I'm still using CoffeeScript, Hammel, a new thing called Slim – I’ve gotten quite used to these things, which really overwhelmed me during the internship. I’m now fixing a lot of bugs.

It’s really nice to be working on the same Ruby on Rails framework as what I learned at Bitmaker. Expanding on that and going a lot deeper into it has been really neat. The company works with a lot of other technologies so I could take on more and learn different languages, but right now my brain is pretty full!

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