March Madness Sale!

Have you been thinking about taking a course at Bitmaker Labs? Now is a great time to join. We're excited to announce our March Madness Sale »

Introducing: New Courses & Instructors

We're very excited to announce that Bitmaker Labs is adding some great new courses taught by leading Toronto talent. As you may have already heard, we're »

Lessons in Empathy and UX Design with Twenty One Toys

Think playing with toys is just for kids? Think again. We’re excited to bring a little ‘play time’ to our User Experience Design part-time course! »

Full-width panels in Foundation

When I first started with Foundation, one of the things I had to figure out was how to create, or colour, a full width panel as »

Learning to Hack – Part 5: After 1 Month at Bitmaker Labs

It was my birthday this past week. With that, I spent time reflecting. This week’s post is about programming, and some personal reflections. We’ll »